Wax Whacker

Earbud Cleaning Kit - Includes 4 Replacement Brush Heads + FREE S/H!

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Wax Whacker Airpods Cleaner Kit Cleans Your Airpods/Earbuds Thoroughly Without Scratching or Damaging Them. Maintains Audio Quality for Great Sound.

  • SAY GOODBYE TO EMBARRASING GUNKY AIRPODS / EARBUDS – Wax Whacker’s brush heads clean thoroughly, easily removing wax build up from hard to reach areas so you can hear again!
  • CLEAN THEM, DON’T SCRATCH THEM – Stop using toothpicks, toothbrushes or paperclips! These can damage your earbuds and still not get them clean. Wax Whacker’s special brush heads clean and restore your earbuds to their original look and sound!
  • WAX WHACKER IS A GREAT TRAVEL PARTNER – The handy kit easily fits in your gear, purse, or go bag. Take them out when you need them for a quick cleaning. Store them clean and ready for next use.
  • MAINTAINS AUDIO QUALITY – It’s simple: clean earbuds / airpods guarantee audio clarity and quality.
  • KIT INCLUDES SPECIAL BRUSH WITH 4 REPLACEMENT BRUSH HEADS – Packed in a small travel kit for easy storage.